Getting Fans Through The Door

If you’ve been following Ladies who League over the last few days, you’ll have noticed we’ve been talking about NRL crowd numbers. We’re not the only ones talking about either – a whole series of articles have appeared in mainstream media asking the same question: why aren’t NRL fans walking through the door?

Here at Ladies Who League we are here to tackle the big issues – crowd attendance is a big one at the moment. However, while it is really easy to identify a problem, it is much harder to identify a solution. So today we’re thinking about what the NRL can do to get more people through the door.

First of all – I feel the the references to the crowds of other sports need to stop. It needs to be recognised that NRL is its own sport and very different to the A-League and the AFL. The comparisons between the AFL and the NRL aren’t useful. As a described in my blog yesterday, Melbourne is a city which lives and breathes AFL while Sydney will never be a city which lives and breathes NRL. The NRL will always be competing with the rugby union, the AFL and the A-league (for part of the season at least).

There have also been a series of comments about the crowds which attend the Western Sydney Wanderers game. For those who have been reading the blog over the last few months, you’ll know that I don’t think these comparisons are fair either. You’ll see what I mean when you read this article:

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