NRL Dares Lightning To Strike Twice

The NRL have spurned a golden opportunity over the course of the 2014 off-season to address the threat posed by post-tackle wrestling. It is inaction that is almost startling in its arrogance. If … [Read More...]

The Hayne Plane lands in San Francisco, but could anyone else make the transfer?

Finally, after months of speculation, Jarryd Hayne has locked in his deal to take up a training squad spot at the San Francisco 49ers. Good luck to Hayne on his journey to achieve his dream of … [Read More...]

Let the NRL games begin..

The NRL season is upon us. It is an exciting time for the thousands of fans around the country counting down the days until kick-off for season 2015. It has been a summer full of controversy and … [Read More...]

The 12 Stages of Rugby League’s Wrestling Crisis

The responsibility conferred on those charged as custodians of the game is very great, yet the focus of their stewardship rarely reflects an appreciation of the gravity of that responsibility. The … [Read More...]

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Why The Gold Coast Titans Need Daly Cherry Evans

(Written prior to when the alleged drugs scandal broke) Having spent a good part of a week on Queensland’s Gold Coast for two motives. The first, I was in desperate need of a little R&R after … [Read More...]


Just sign on the dotted line… (Cross it out later if you want)

The NRL season is just a week and a half away from kick-off and the innuendo has been non-stop of big name players who are off-contract at the end of the season. It seems to have dominated the limited … [Read More...]

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The Gold Coast faces a Titanic struggle

The NRL integrity unit has had its hands full over the summer, something they nor the NRL wanted. It is just weeks away from the kick-off to season 2015 and we have yet another scandal to start the … [Read More...]


Gambler’s Guide to the World Club Series

Welcome to the degenerate gambler’s guide to the rugby league weekend.  As true degenerates, we bet the handicaps each week. As always, you can email questions, comments or abuse to Last Week: 3-0-3. This weekend sees no Super League fixtures, and the NRL is still two weeks away, so this weekend we’ve got the top […]


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